Today, around the time this post is scheduled to go up, I will be getting ready to leave for Minnesota with my sister and her three lovely daughters. We’re driving up to MN from Oklahoma with three girls (almost) seven and under, so we’re taking two days to make the trip. We’re making the trip because my brother and his fiance live there and on the 6th, they’re getting married! We’re going early to help with things and just because we like them and we can!

my cat Sno Cone in a bag

Sno Cone wants to go with me!

Why should you care? Well, there’s no reason, really. BUT I do have at least one post scheduled (hopefully at least two!) and while I know I’ll have internet access, I’m not sure how busy I will be. So if you comment, I might not reply as quickly or it might sit in moderation longer. Plus, I won’t be around as much to comment on posts throughout the week, but I will make time to catch up when I get back next week!


And of course I’m taking books with me! These were books I wanted to choose from. I wanted to narrow it down to four but I ended up with five. Oops.

  • Calling the Swan by Jean Thesman – I’ve had this one for so long and I’m not sure if I read it when I was younger or not. I don’t remember much about it. I might do a To Keep or Not on it when I do read it. Staying.
  • The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley – LOVE. I’ve been wanting to reread this and The Blue Sword but I think my copy of The Blue Sword is at my grandma’s house. I was sad to discover there aren’t eBook versions, either. I might buy a new copy and donate one when I find the other. I don’t think it’s that important to read them in order, but I kinda had my heart set on both so I’m waiting. Staying.
  • Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce – I put this on my Summer TBR Top Ten and it looks so great. Going.
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman – For some reason I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting into this, but that has happened with books I’ve ended up LOVING before. I’ve only read two Gaiman books so far and need to read more! Going.
  • Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb – I am around halfway through this. I’ve been reading it since January or February and I love this series. However, something happened that made me really upset and so I’ve been book wussing. I think about it probably every day and just asked my friend to give me a shove and she did, so I’m going to try and push through it! I have a feeling I should probably leave it until after I get back but oh well? Going.
  • Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor – I don’t remember reading this either. I think I might do a To Keep or Not on it, too. It sounds interesting. Green is my favorite color and I like ghosts stories so I’ll see. Plus it’s really short so it’s going in my purse and I might try to knock it out on the way. Going.
  • The Telling by Ursula Le Guin – This one was also on my Summer TBR Top Ten and I haven’t gotten to it yet. It sounds great and I really love her words so I think it might get pushed forward a bit! Also going in my purse! Going.

And of course I’ll have my trusty eReader with me! There are a few unread books on it but right now I’m excited about:

Shiloh cover

The River of No Return cover

Shiloh by Helena Sorenson – A book I received for review that I’m enjoying so far!

The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway – It sounds so great!

I also know there are some great eBook sales going on and I happen to have a gift card to both Barnes & Noble and Amazon! I have a Google Nexus so I have both apps! Are there any really great books you think I should check out? Are you buying any?

Also, if anyone is doing anything fun  or bookish this week and they just want to tell someone about it, you can tell me! I’ll probably read the comments on the drive or when we stop for the night and I’ll try to reply! I think that’s all I’ve got for now! Have a great week and 4th (if you’re American), reader friends!

Oh and have a bonus cat pic!

my cat Emily in a bag

Emily loves bags!

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