Childhood Reads!

Childhood Books

A lot of my childhood books have been in storage at my grandma’s house since around 2007. My mom recently brought them home and it was like reuniting with dear old friends. It was fun and I decided to make a post to share some of the books I grew up with that influenced the reader I am today! I have another post planned for tomorrow that has to do with my reading influences and a new feature (which I’m nervous about) so I hope you’ll come back tomorrow!

Warning: the pictures and graphics ahead are not the greatest quality. Apologies.
I wish I’d just typed it out normally, now!



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So there are a very few of the books that influenced me growing up. I actually had a lot more that I took photos of and meant to add but it would be way too long. Maybe I’ll do another Childhood Books post at some point!

Did you read any of these books? Are there books that influenced your reading habits? Are there books from your childhood with special stories? 

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20 thoughts on “Childhood Reads!

    • I loved them, too! I was so much more like Elizabeth and I think that’s why I liked Jessica most, haha! My sister bought Three Little Kittens for my nieces and she told them how much I loved it when I was little so they think of it as *my* book!

  1. I was completely obsessed with the Sweet Valley Twins books when I was a kid, and I read a few of the Sweet Valley High ones, too. Sometimes I wish I still had the books because I think it would be a lot of fun to flip through them as an adult and relive my childhood a bit. It’s so great that you still have so many of your childhood reads!

    • Thanks! =) I loved that book so much. My sister bought her girls a copy and she told them how much I used to love it and they think of it as *my* book, haha! I love that other people had it, too!

  2. I’ve never read any of these… my childhood reads were more like Mark Twain and Pride and Prejudice 😀 But I think I have Three Little Kittens… not sure, though. All my childhood reads have been passed down to my nephew so I have nothing left *sigh*

    • I read books like that, too! I never read Mark Twain but I first read P&P in 5th grade, I think. But I always loved kids books, they were so much fun! We have another copy and my sister has a copy for my nieces, there were some other storybooks in the books my mom brought home that we’re putting on our shelf for the nieces!

    • I loved the Chronicles of Narnia, too! I think I only read two or three when I was in elementary then I read them all in high school. I still have them on my bookshelf, they were never allowed in storage! I think I read His Dark Materials in middle school and I was obsessed with them, too. I borrowed them from the library and only bought my own set a few years ago!

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