Goodbye October! [recap]

October has been really intense because of my month long class (a Mythology class that I actually really enjoy, it’s just a LOT packed into a month) and my 8 week class (Biology, blah) starting. Plus, the most fun issue of repeated car problems! I still read a lot, though!

Books read:

  • Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer, I didn’t really like these but kept reading anyway. As one does, you know. I skimmed #3 and felt like I should’ve just stopped. I don’t plan on reviewing them.
  • I read a lot of romance books on Overdrive, and some of them I skimmed and DNF’d, but I read the whole Stanslaski series (I actually read them backwards and it was kind of fun that way) and the 4 MacKade books by Nora Roberts. I liked the Stanislaski series more than the MacKade. They weren’t perfect but were easy to read and fun.
  • Just One Year by Gayle Forman – I have a review drafted for this, hopefully I’ll finish and post it soon. I also reread Just One Day to remember everything.
  • Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas –
  • Fangirl by Ranbow Rowell
  • I reread Divergent and Insrugent very quickly and read Allegiant really slowly. I’ve got a drafted review on that one, too.

Posts in October (not very many, oops!)

Hopefully, I will be able to whip out reviews soon, even if they are shorter and hopefully less rambling than usual!

Also, I have a post on bookish tumblr posts in my drafts, but since everyone is going to be slipping into Christmas mode, I want to inform anyone that has a tumblr (or just likes looking at gifs and pretty things) and likes Christmas that I have an awesome Christmas tumblr, which just reblogs posts from Christmas movies, TV specials, and TV episodes. It’s not active at the moment, but there’s a nice tagging system to help people find what they’re looking for!

I am (as always) trying to catch up on commenting, but feel free to leave links for me to visit! Direction can be nice =)