Goodbye October! [recap]

October has been really intense because of my month long class (a Mythology class that I actually really enjoy, it’s just a LOT packed into a month) and my 8 week class (Biology, blah) starting. Plus, the most fun issue of repeated car problems! I still read a lot, though!

Books read:

  • Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer, I didn’t really like these but kept reading anyway. As one does, you know. I skimmed #3 and felt like I should’ve just stopped. I don’t plan on reviewing them.
  • I read a lot of romance books on Overdrive, and some of them I skimmed and DNF’d, but I read the whole Stanslaski series (I actually read them backwards and it was kind of fun that way) and the 4 MacKade books by Nora Roberts. I liked the Stanislaski series more than the MacKade. They weren’t perfect but were easy to read and fun.
  • Just One Year by Gayle Forman – I have a review drafted for this, hopefully I’ll finish and post it soon. I also reread Just One Day to remember everything.
  • Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas –
  • Fangirl by Ranbow Rowell
  • I reread Divergent and Insrugent very quickly and read Allegiant really slowly. I’ve got a drafted review on that one, too.

Posts in October (not very many, oops!)

Hopefully, I will be able to whip out reviews soon, even if they are shorter and hopefully less rambling than usual!

Also, I have a post on bookish tumblr posts in my drafts, but since everyone is going to be slipping into Christmas mode, I want to inform anyone that has a tumblr (or just likes looking at gifs and pretty things) and likes Christmas that I have an awesome Christmas tumblr, which just reblogs posts from Christmas movies, TV specials, and TV episodes. It’s not active at the moment, but there’s a nice tagging system to help people find what they’re looking for!

I am (as always) trying to catch up on commenting, but feel free to leave links for me to visit! Direction can be nice =)

11 thoughts on “Goodbye October! [recap]

  1. Oooo I look forward to your Allegiant review! I just reread Divergent (via audiobook) so I think I’ll be starting it this weekend. I might be going out of town though and I really want a full day of undivided attention so that I can get into it haha! I’m glad you’re enjoying your month long class, even though that sounds so crazy that one class is packed into a month!!

    • My review will probably be crazy and messy! I have so many feelings and no ideas how to make them sound sane! I hope you get to it soon! It is really crazy! Like, the peer person who helped me with my schedule made it sound so easy, and it isn’t hard it’s just SO MUCH STUFF. But it’s all over now except for a research paper (which I haven’t started) and I think it was a pleasant but stressful experience. It’d be better if you weren’t taking other classes at the same time!

    • Ha, thanks! I think reading is the thing I do to get away from the stress, even if I should manage my time better. If I have three big things due in a week, the obvious answer is to take time to read a book or two and then hurry through the projects! Priorities.

    • Yes! I kept expecting more of a larger point and more character growth but nope. I was still curious enough to keep going, until somewhere in the middle of the third one, when I started skimming and I’m not totally sure what happened in it, ha!

  2. I want to read Just One Year so bad! My library doesn’t have it yet, though. Soon, hopefully. I have Allegiant and Fangirl checked out right now. I want to get to those soon. I’m excited to see what you think about them.

    Yay, Christmas!! 😀

  3. Sorry that you didn’t enjoy the Elemental series. I haven’t read them all but the ones I have… I did enjoy it a lot. I want to read the MacCade series, but haven’t gotten around to that yet. Sounds like you had a busy October. And Happy November.

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