Top Ten Bookish Things I Am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the nice bloggers at Broke and Bookish

1. Books that make me want to hug them.

2. My bookish family that always encouraged my love of reading.

3. Book lovers and bloggers!

4. Wonderful book-to-movie adaptations that stand out in a sea of bad ones.

5. Nerd culture, even with all its problems.

6. Authors who write lovely books!

7. Books that open my eyes to new experiences.

8. Book characters that make me love them and feel like real people.

9. Books that surprise me.

10. Books that overwhelm me, that make me cry and laugh, that push me, shake me, and challenge me.

These are pretty vague, but they’re true! What are YOU thankful for? Leave your link! 

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Things I Am Thankful For

  1. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!! Sorry, I am operating on almost no sleep and pushed my previous comment through without thinking hahaha! I’m super grateful for finding your blog and YOU! Getting to talk books and read your reviews have been really awesome this year!!

    • I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! I feel the same way, I’m so grateful for finding you! Discussing books, reading your thoughts, and all of your comments definitely makes my blogging experience better! Thanks Danielle!

    • Thanks! I am usually pretty lazy about TTT and sometimes if I think I need an extra post I’ll go see what is up and if it seems like something I can do pretty easily, I will. Sometimes I completely forget or just can’t get my brain to work!

  2. #1 and 6-10 are like all the main reasons I love reading! It’s awesome you have so many people around you that love reading! I wish I had more. My mom and dad are book-lovers, but they never read the same books I do, so I don’t get to talk to them about it. But I’m still glad they passed down their love for reading which is enabling me to pass it on to my son 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

    • My mom doesn’t always like the same books as I do, but she’s good at listening to me talk about what I do read! We do read some of the same stuff, though. I love having my sister to talk books with, though! Passing on the love to your son is lovely! I am trying to help my sister pass it on to her daughters, too! Thanks for visiting mine, too!

  3. My “Thanksgiving post” won’t be up until tomorrow, but the things you listed are probably going to be on mine too. 🙂 I absolutely love, LOVE this post! <333 I want to hug it! *attempts to hug post* *fails* *goes to hug a book instead*

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