My End of 2013 Reading and TBR

I am still working on my Fall TBR and I have two books left on my Summer TBR list! I am sort of bad at following lists. I need to be better about reserving books at the library instead of just checking to see if they’re there and deciding to read something else that I’ve been eyeing. I guess it doesn’t really matter, as long as I’m reading, right?

Recent Reads: I made myself finish reading Assassin’s Quest, the last book of the Farseer trilogy. I had been book wussing in the middle of it for months! I am so happy to have that series done, and I’m excited to read more Robin Hobb! I also read Hemlock, What Alice Forgot, Across a Star-Swept Sea, and This Song Will Save Your Life. I hope to post about most of them!

3 books

Maybe ambitious list to be read: Where the Stars Still Shine, Antigoddess, and Dangerous Girls are books from my Summer TBR list that I have checked out right now! I’m so excited to finally get to Dangerous Girls! (I actually drafted this post last night, then read all of Where the Stars Still Shine since then!) I also want to read Thornhill, the sequel to Hemlock. There’s another book I’ve been too chicken to finish that I really hope to finish! I also bought The Boyfriend App when it was on sale, so I might get to that! I might attempt some of the other books I’m missing from my summer/fall TBR, but that largely depends on the library!

Upcoming on the blog: Today is my immediate family’s Christmas get together, and I plan to do a post of bookish gifts tomorrow or Saturday. It might be late compared to other gift related posts, but oh well! I plan to do some sort of 2013 wrap up post, and post some reviews. There will also be some sort of 2014 goals post! I also intend to spend time replying to comments and visiting other blogs, because I haven’t done enough of that lately!

If you’re visiting from Asti’s blog, thank you! If you comment or follow, I will definitely visit your blog soon! And if you’re not here from Asti’s blog and don’t know about her blog, you definitely need to check it out!

Do you have any big end of the year reading plans? Are you cramming some reading in to meet your Goodreads goal? Did you get some good gifts you can’t wait to dig into? Let me know!