New Year Blues – an almost hiatus

I had this big plan for my blog in 2014. I had an end of 2013 post planned and a 2014 goals post planned (I might post a mini version of this anyway). I was really excited about my plans. But you know plans, you know life: they do not always go as expected.

A few days before the new year, I received some unexpected bad news. It was an emotional shock. I won’t go into details, but changes are coming my way. It’s extremely stressful. I am very thankful to have people that will help me through it.

However, this hugely affects my glorious plans for my blog. I am not going to abandon it, but I’m not sure how much time I will be able to devote to it. I hope I can still get reviews out and be quicker about writing them. I have a few posts scheduled and hope to schedule some more. I hope I can take time to comment and continue to be a part of the lovely community. I will try to be active and find a way to make this a blog worth visiting and reading. I wanted to update anyone that cares or is even vaguely interested. I’m so thankful for anyone that visits and reads my silly opinions. =)