goodbye March, hello April [recap]

This year has been really insane for me and it seems to be moving fast and slow at the same time! In March I finished my short class which relieved a lot of stress! Spring Break happened, but I did very little and less reading than I expected. Instead, I caught up on a lot of TV!

But here’s what I did read in March:

I’m in the middle of rereading The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley and a weird romance and I might have both finished by the end of the day.

I only posted 3 times in March!

But I have plans for April that will hopefully make me do better! And I’m hoping I can definitely carve out more time to comment on posts!

Also up in April:

Fighting Dreamer
“LGBT Month is hosted by Laura @ Laura Plus Books and Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer.  It runs throughout the month of April and it’s here to celebrate LGBT+ readers, LGBT+ authors and of course LGBT+ books.”
I’m signing up for LGBT Month! I’ve been reluctant to be a part of any events this year because my life is really hectic at the moment, but LGBT Month is they low pressure type of event I need! At this moment, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for LGBT Month, but I’ve been wanting to read Openly Straight and Two Boys Kissing, so maybe I will try to check them out! I’m excited to see what everyone else does for LGBT month!If you’ve been meaning to read some more LGBT books and want to celebrate LGBT reads, you should join this low maintenance and fun event, too! Check out the sign up post! 

What about you? Did you post a recap this month? Have I missed an awesome post of yours lately? Are you signing up for LGBT month, too? Or do you have something exciting you want to tell someone, anyone? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “goodbye March, hello April [recap]

  1. Oh, you will love Two Boys Kissing! I think it’s such an enjoyable and important book! Also, I feel so dumb but I was replying to your comments on my blog via email and I forgot that it sends to no-reply and I forgot to enter your email address. So the internet has received replied but you have not, I’m sorry! I will see if I can find my replies and actually send them to you! HAHA! You are seriously such an awesome and consistent commenter, I’m always impressed especially with your busy life!!! I hope all is well! 🙂

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