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  • I like both  e-copies and physical copies. EBooks are more convenient and I can read them in the dark. I love reading books on Overdrive. I love buying books. I like physical copies.  If I really love a book, I always plan to buy a physical copy when I have the chance. Right now I have to be strict with spending and that means most of my reads are from the library.bookmark post-it
  • If I’m reading a physical copy, I use post-it notes as bookmarks. I used to use fun bookmarks, but I would always drop my book or the bookmark would fall out in my bag, or something. Now I just stick a post-it on the page and don’t worry about it!
  • I prefer third person. I like a wide scope but I also love getting inside a character’s head. Sometimes first person can be annoying to me and I find myself wishing for a bigger picture, even though it is clearly not meant to be. I get over it! It’s just what I like.
  • I like reading a bit of everything, but I think fantasy is the most fun for me to read. I get excited and actually have those “ah, this book is a blast!” moments. They aren’t the only books that make me feel that way and not all of my favorites are fantasy, but I just find fantasy a lot of fun.

Fantasy books

  • I love to talk about books I read. Out loud. Awfully. I will try to retell the story and I’ll forget major parts and have to go around in a circle to explain things. I try not to spoil things and get carried away. I am really bad at it, but I love talking about books. I tried to explain different parts of the Farseer trilogy and I meant to be quick and wow, no. I had one person that never minded me doing this because they never planned on reading the books I was talking about, but we don’t talk anymore and I miss it.


I wanted to do a post like this because I really like reading other bloggers’ posts with bookish facts and stuff. I like learning more about people and bookish habits/likes. I’m not sure if anyone cares about mine but I made the post anyway!

Do you have any bookish facts you’ve shared or would like to share? (If you have please link me to it, I love reading them!)  Do you share any of mine? Is there a different genre of book you find to be the most fun for you? Let me know! And here’s an extra pic of post-its because pretty colors.

post-it note pads

11 thoughts on “Bookish Facts

  1. I like both e-copies and physical copies too. 🙂 I love to touch and smell my books, but I also ❤ my Kindle. I'm fine with both third and first person but can't stand second. And I like urban fantasy but straight up fantasy/high fantasy is not really my cup of tea…. I think my favorite genre is contemporary (YA and LGBT). + crime and manga ❤

    • I love touching and feeling books, and it feels more personal that way, almost. But I love convenience and reading in the dark! I don’t like second person either, but sometimes when people write second person it’s almost still first person because they drop back to “I” and it still bugs me. I need to try more urban fantasy, I might need to get some recs from you!

      • Let’s see… if you want some really good urban fantasy, you should try The Disillusionists trilogy by Carolyn Crane. It’s also (adult) romance and it’s hilarious (and there are so many crazy cons and twists) and the characters are just amazing. (oh and if you can, get the audiobooks!)

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  3. I’ve never been at all drawn to ebooks, I just really don’t like the idea, though I do understand why they’re useful and others like them. Physical copies are always the way to go for me!

    I always want to read more fantasy, because I agree that it is exhilarating and that is a fantastic sensation, but I need to find a few more books to try in the genre. It’s probably one of, if not my, favourite genre, though I only just now realised that to be so!

    • I can see why some people wouldn’t like ebooks, too! Physical books are obviously great!

      Fantasy is exhilarating! I hope you can find some more books to enjoy from it! I’m trying to find more and branch out into it, too! I’m glad to see someone else who loves it!

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