life and books [an update]

I keep meaning to write reviews, because I have been reading, but I’ve been kind of “meh” lately about actually functioning productively. I rambled a bit about how busy things were for me in April in my rereading post, and school is over and I have a temporary job and I’m still looking for a place to live. My job is late hours, I am writing this at 5am because I got home at 4:30 and I’m going to work tonight at 7:30 and I think I’m supposed to get off at 5:15am but we’re hoping we’ll get done and out early! So, that’s why my blog has been so silent lately! BUT hopefully I can get back on track this week!

Bookish updates:

  • I read We Were Liars and I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. I have a review drafted that doesn’t do a great job explaining all of them but it tries!
  • I liked The Winner’s Curse but kinda got stuck on the ending area. Review to come on that one, I think.
  • The Geography of You and Me was good and warm.
  • I’m at 36% of The Passage and it is taking me f o r e v e r to read, probably partly because of the other books I’m reading, but it is also really long and sometimes it feels like I’m not making any headway in it! I actually had to renew it on Overdrive AND THAT REALLY BUGS ME. I just like finishing books!
  • I think I am enjoying Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and I think I’ll enjoy it more when I get to sit and read more of it at once, hopefully soon, because I’m really interested to see what happens!
  • My plan is to try to get through as much of The Dark Tower series this summer as possible. I’m going to start book 2: The Drawing of the Three, as soon as I finish The Passage, I think.


ETC bookish updates:

  • My oldest niecelet has read all 3 Ivy+Bean books and one Clementine book, and she is borrowing my Ella Enchanted book. My sister got them discounted and refurbed kindles for reading and educational apps and she’s been consuming Junie B Jones books, and it’s fun to see her get excited about books!
  • My sister-in-law and I texted a lot about books the other day, and it was a lot of fun. She likes to read cookbooks because she likes cooking a lot. She’s also a fan of Molly Wizenberg and recently liked Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, so I might look into those sometime! She plans on reading The Fault in Our Stars, which I liked overall even though I have issues with it an JG (I think I gave it 3 stars) and I’m excited to see her thoughts on that!
  • Old news that I’ve been meaning to share and keep forgetting: My sister read and loved The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves! She had my TRB book for a while, and then she devoured it in one day and TDT not too long after. She still needs to read Anna and the French Kiss! I think she is going to try to read a lot this summer before she starts nursing school in the fall! I’ve talked about my bookish family and how my sister is one of my biggest reading influences before, and she will always be one of my favorite people to book talk with!

Um I think that’s all I’ve got for now. What little battery my brain had left is flashing it’s warning message right now. I’m going to try to work on reviews and COMMENTING–I AM SO BEHIND ON COMMENTING. Sorry, friends! Anyway, if you’ve got any interesting updates to share or anything reminded you of something to say, lemme know!

Also: what is the best book you’ve read lately? If we’re not following each other, we should be! I’m @ablightedone and on instagram I’m five62. I’m working on posting more on both, so maybe more interaction will encourage me? 

3 thoughts on “life and books [an update]

  1. I can’t wait for my niece to get excited about books like yours! That is so cute! Sounds like you have been super busy, but that’s great! Sometimes real life has to trump the blog life but I’m glad you’re still able to get some good reading in! 🙂

  2. I read The Passage when I was on maternity leave, and I LOOOOVED it. If you can sit and give it some time, I hope it’ll suck you in. I also loved Bernadette and really didn’t expect to. I just received We Were Liars with instructions to JUST READ IT ALREADY. And I shall!

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