Review Policy

Most of the books I review here are books I read for my own enjoyment, either purchased or (more often) borrowed from the library. However, some books are received from tours or publishers, and I always state where I received them from.

If you would like me to review a book, I would be more than willing (thrilled, even) to accept ARCs, finished copies, and ebooks for review. You can email me at or through my contact page! I’m interested in a lot of different genres. I tend to enjoy a lot of young adult novels of any genres, but I also enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Romance novels and would be interested to check out other areas!

Helpful for your request:

A date, or range! It helps guide my reading schedule, which trust me, needs guiding. The title and a summary so I can see what it’s about and if I’d like it. Why you think I’d like it would be nice, too!

What goes in my reviews:

I include a picture of the cover, the title, the publisher, the release date, if it’s a part of a series, and a summary (usually from Goodreads) any of this information you can supply in your request/once I’ve accepted is extremely helpful and appreciated. For books I receive for review, I’ll link to the book on Book Depository (which you can see below I am affiliated with) and Amazon (Which you can see I’m not) but on books I read for fun I’ve stopped doing this because it’s a pain. I also link to the author’s website and twitter.

Why I read this: I talk about why I chose to read the book, if I heard good things about it or have a particular interest in the subject.

What it’s about: A general what it’s about, not really a summary but more of a setup.

How I feel about it: I talk about what I liked and didn’t. Sometimes I’m really vague, while other times I get specific. I don’t have a set list of things to discuss, I kind of just mention what strikes me as important when I’m reviewing it.

Would I read it again? Would I recommend it? Do I plan on reading more by the author? I answer these questions! I talk about if I’d like to revisit the story, which plays a big part in my overall opinion and rating. I talk about if I’d recommend it and usually try to give a link, like “If you like ___ you might like this book” And I say whether or not I’m interested in reading more by the author.

>> I will only promise that any review will be honest. I will try never to be unfairly negative, but some snark and ranting might occur. I will attempt to give fair explanations of what I didn’t like about the story and touch on parts I did like. <<

For now, I post here and on my Goodreads page. Because of drama with Goodreads, I’m behind on posting my reviews there, but I plan to add them back there and maybe start doing mini-reviews for some books that don’t get full reviews on the blog!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Book Depository. If you click on any of my links to and make a purchase, I receive a small amount of money in return. When the money adds up, I can use that money for giveaways or other blog related things! 

I’m not an affiliate with any other program, so any other purchasing links (like Amazon) do not add to my pocket.

Comments are greatly appreciated and I try to reply to each one! I'm no longer accepting awards, but I appreciate the thought!

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