So, I kind of just fell off the blog in July. My stress levels are off the charts right now and I have been reading but haven’t felt like trying to articulate thoughts and feelings.

THIS MONTH: I’ve been looking for a place to live for so long but haven’t been that great at actually procuring one. I’ve made some awkward calls (my phone cut off during a voicemail, I called a wrong number, this one place never answered) and haven’t had much success. All of this is overwhelming. I think I’m finally getting somewhere, so good thoughts are appreciated! I want to be closer to my NEW SCHOOL and I need a place of my own. Plus, my sister has big plans for the room I’m currently in. And I think everyone is just ready for me to be out! SO hopefully this month will see me move into some crappy apartment and I’ll have something completely new to whine about ūüėČ

Also this month: new semester, new school. I’m excited and nervous. I’m taking some classes I’m really interested in. I’m taking French! Online French because the non online classes were at weird times for me. I took German in high school but I think French seems pretty widely used and pretty.


OTHER STUFF: I got a hair cut! I like it. It’s a little longer than I wish, but it looks shorter when it’s curled under. And the bangs hamper my eyebrow raising game because I can only raise my left eyebrow. But my left eye is lazy, so it’s better for hair to be in the way of it than my good eye. So complicated. Fuzzy iPhone photos:

a weird pic of me with new hair a more normal pic of me with new hair


I also went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with some really cool people and it was SO MUCH FUN. Surprisingly emotional and laugh out loud funny. It isn’t perfect, but it was a lot of fun!¬†I rewatched Brooklyn 99 because I’m pretty lame and I really like that show. I really, really love it. One of my best friends just watched it all and loved it, and it was so much fun to talk about it with her! I’m really excited about all the seasons starting this fall! But I also need to catch up on so many shows. I’m working on Teen Wolf, then I plan to hit The Walking Dead, and I might start The Mindy Project, I need to catch up on Parks and Rec, and I’m sure several others.


BOOKS:¬† I liked¬†The Girl With All The Gifts¬†by M.R. Carey,¬†Pointe by Brandy Colbert, I reread The Archived¬†by Victoria Schwab and followed up with The Unbound, and I love those books!! I liked¬†Kiss of Deception but didn’t love it, and didn’t like The Sea of Tranquility much. I read Anna and the French Kiss again to gear up for ISLA but I don’t really feel like reading Lola again, even though I like it. I really enjoyed Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, my favorite Rowell so far. I bought it when it was on sale for 1.99 with my BN settlement money! I also bought my sister If I Stay¬†by Gayle Forman and The Scorpio Races¬†by Maggie Stiefvater for her (late) birthday and I’m excited for her to read them. Oh, I also liked The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I’m not sure if any of these will end up being posts, but I might do something short for some of them? I am super lame right now. I read more than this but kind of got lazy with my list and I’m being lazy now listing them.


I’m behind of everything ever, especially commenting! Hopefully I’ll make time for that this week! But if you’ve stopped by and have a post I should look at, or want to rec me a book or talk about a show or anything, let me know! Or feel free to tweet or email me!

Tagged – The Book Blogger’s Test

The awesome Cayce from Fighting Dreamer tagged me in this test! I really like reading posts like this with fun answers but I’m pretty terrible at thinking up answers, though later I will think of several fitting ones!

What are your top three book pet hates?

1. Text/chat speak in texts. This might have been fitting at the beginning of texting when texts could only be so long and you were charged per text, but now I can write a novel through text and I don’t text with anyone who says “what time will u be here?” or “what r u doing?” unless they’re being ironic. I know some people probably do text this way, and I know people tweet and type that way on facebook, but it still bugs me.

2. Guys that are overly OVERLY affectionate. Sometimes when guys are super gushy in books, it just makes me roll my eyes. I think it has a lot to do with the writing, and makes the emotion feel less than genuine to me, which makes it all fall flat. I know guys can be affectionate, but I don’t always believe the writing.

3.Language that doesn’t fit the character. When a character is narrating but the author uses words they wouldn’t know/shows information they wouldn’t have. Sometimes it’s easy to tell that what’s going on doesn’t fit the character’s way of telling the story, so I’ll wish the author had written it a different way, or figured something else out. ALSO when some characters use super correct grammar and you can tell they wouldn’t normally. A lot of people don’t give a flip about who/whom in everyday conversation, so why would a random teenager just use whom?

Describe your perfect reading spot.

My bed, haha. I read the most in bed. I like reading at night before I sleep!

Tell us three book confessions.

I have no idea! I am bad at confessions, so these will be lame.

1. I am really weird about spoilers for books I am excited about ¬†but don’t really care about random books. But sometimes reading spoilers for books I don’t care about will make me more interested in them.

2. ¬†I always feel really negative and picky about books because I dislike a lot of popular ones. ¬†I like to pick apart movies, even ones I really love. But I’m not as negative as I seem!

3. I used to drop books in the bathtub. I don’t really use the tub anymore/have a nice one but I still have the curled remains of one of the victims. I also dropped a portable cd player in the bath one time. Luckily it wasn’t dangerous.

When was the last time you cried during a book?

I think it was in The Passage. I was surprisingly leaky in that book! I didn’t expect to grow so fond of the story/characters and care so much about everything.
How many books are on your bedside table?

4! I just cleaned it off! My current read: Horde by Ann Aguirre, When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle, The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding, and the second Dark Tower book, which I am definitely starting after those!

table books


What is your favorite snack to eat while you’re reading?

Lately I haven’t been snacking at all while reading, but probably chips, plain potato chips and dip, or Hershey’s kisses.


Name three books you would recommend to everyone.

1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

2.¬†Harry Potter! I was a hold out for a long time (I read them in 2012) and they’re so much fun, so people not wanting to be a part of it or just putting it off should just jump in!

3. Um. Lord of the Rings? I have no idea.
Show us a picture of your favorite bookshelf on your bookcase.

Right now I’m living with my amazing sister and her amazing family and haven’t unpacked my books (though I’ve been here long enough that I probably should have) so this is my shelf right now:

messy bookshelf

It’s a mess! The top one is weirdly shorter so the second on usually holds my favorites and right now it has games and my awesome lampshade. The top shelf has the Dark Tower series. Both Raven Cycle books are there because my sister recently read and returned them. My Geography book that needs to be sold is on the top, and my Teen Wolf s1 and s2 dvds are also there. So, it’s not a look at my favorites but it’s a look at something! And the picture is bad because it was my phone and the lighting was weird!
Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

lovely company always  >> ??
What is your biggest reading secret?

Um, I don’t think I really have one? Maybe the amount of smut/romance I read but I don’t think it’s a “secret” I just don’t review it because I am worse at talking about it? Maybe I should try sometime, though.


I hate tagging people because I never feel like anyone will be like “Yay! She tagged me!” So I’m just going to tag Danielle from The Book Barn¬†(whenever she has time)¬†because I think she might actually like to do this and I would enjoy reading her answers. And if you’re interested in filling it out, you can be tagged from me and share your post with me so I can read it because I really enjoy reading them!


I know we all always say we can’t believe it’s almost *month* and time is flying by, but this year has been really insane for me so in some ways it seems to be at warp speed and in others it’s crawling by. At the beginning of this year, I could not fathom making it more than a day at a time but now I’ve made it to all the way to the end of MAY? *Cue Britney’s “Stronger”*

Reading has definitely played a huge part in getting me through this rough patch, like it has all the other rough patches I’ve gone through. Characters in ridiculously opposite situations can have incredibly similar emotional battles that can make you do some much needed, if uncomfortable, examining and it can DO THINGS. I really love books, you all.


I didn’t do the greatest job of keeping up with what I read in May and I’m not sure why that happened. I blame Overdrive for some of it, because I pick random romance reads and get partway through and then I’m like “ha, nope” then I forget which ones I actually read and which ones I didn’t. Smooth. A list, probably missing some books and definitely missing DNF’s:


I only posted 5 times in May, oops:

Some bookish plans:

  • I’ve got Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood, the second book in¬†The Cahill Witch Chronicles checked out from the library. I didn’t LOVE the first one but I’m interested enough to want to know what happens to the sisters.
  • I’ve got all 3 books of the Razorland¬†by Ann Aguirre series checked out, too! I read the first one after it came out, but haven’t read the other two and I’m excited about them!
  • Nantucket Red¬†by Leila Howland is ready for me at the library but I’m going to wait until Monday to grab it, I’m really excited about this one. I really enjoyed Nantucket Blue!
  • I went ahead and downloaded The Twelve by Justin Cronin on Overdrive, I’m not sure how long it will take me to get through!
  • I’m also determined to read more of The Dark Tower series! SOON. I need to stop getting library books and make myself read them!

How was your May? What was your favorite book read in May? Did you have any awesome posts I missed and should check out? (I am working on commenting and earlier I brilliantly marked MY WHOLE BLOGLOVIN FEED as read instead of the group I was on. I am positive it’s BL’s fault and not mine but I’m sad because now I can’t sort as easily!) Tell me what’s up with you!

life and books [an update]

I keep meaning to write reviews, because I have been reading, but I’ve been kind of “meh” lately about actually functioning productively. I rambled a bit about how busy things were for me in April in my rereading post, and school is over and I have a temporary job and I’m still looking for a place to live. My job is late hours, I am writing this at 5am because I got home at 4:30 and I’m going to work tonight at 7:30 and I think I’m supposed to get off at 5:15am but we’re hoping we’ll get done and out early! So, that’s why my blog has been so silent lately! BUT hopefully I can get back on track this week!

Bookish updates:

  • I read We Were Liars and I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. I have a review drafted that doesn’t do a great job explaining all of them but it tries!
  • I liked The Winner’s Curse but kinda got stuck on the ending area. Review to come on that one, I think.
  • The Geography of You and Me was good and warm.
  • I’m at 36% of The Passage and it is taking me f o r e v e r to read, probably partly because of the other books I’m reading, but it is also really long and sometimes it feels like I’m not making any headway in it! I actually had to renew it on Overdrive AND THAT REALLY BUGS ME. I just like finishing books!
  • I think I am enjoying Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and I think I’ll enjoy it more when I get to sit and read more of it at once, hopefully soon, because I’m really interested to see what happens!
  • My plan is to try to get through as much of The Dark Tower series this summer as possible. I’m going to start book 2:¬†The Drawing of the Three, as soon as I finish The Passage, I think.


ETC bookish updates:

  • My oldest niecelet has read all 3 Ivy+Bean books and one Clementine book, and she is borrowing my Ella Enchanted book. My sister got them discounted and refurbed kindles for reading and educational apps and she’s been consuming Junie B Jones books, and it’s fun to see her get excited about books!
  • My sister-in-law and I texted a lot about books the other day, and it was a lot of fun. She likes to read cookbooks because she likes cooking a lot. She’s also a fan of Molly Wizenberg and recently liked Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, so I might look into those sometime! She plans on reading The Fault in Our Stars, which I liked overall even though I have issues with it an JG (I think I gave it 3 stars) and I’m excited to see her thoughts on that!
  • Old news that I’ve been meaning to share and keep forgetting: My sister read and loved The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves! She had my TRB book for a while, and then she devoured it in one day and TDT not too long after. She still needs to read Anna and the French Kiss! I think she is going to try to read a lot this summer before she starts nursing school in the fall! I’ve talked about my bookish family and how my sister is one of my biggest reading influences before, and she will always be one of my favorite people to book talk with!

Um I think that’s all I’ve got for now. What little battery my brain had left is flashing it’s warning message right now. I’m going to try to work on reviews and COMMENTING–I AM SO BEHIND ON COMMENTING. Sorry, friends! Anyway, if you’ve got any interesting updates to share or anything reminded you of something to say, lemme know!

Also: what is the best book you’ve read lately? If we’re not following each other, we should be! I’m @ablightedone and on instagram I’m five62. I’m working on posting more on both, so maybe more interaction will encourage me?¬†

Bookish Facts


photo 5

  • I like both ¬†e-copies and physical copies. EBooks are more convenient and I can read them in the dark. I love reading books on Overdrive. I love buying books. I like physical copies. ¬†If I really love a book, I always plan to buy a physical copy when I have the chance. Right now I have to be strict with spending and that means most of my reads are from the library.bookmark post-it
  • If I’m reading a physical copy, I use post-it notes as bookmarks. I used to use fun bookmarks, but I would always drop my book or the bookmark would fall out in my bag, or something. Now I just stick a post-it on the page and don’t worry about it!
  • I prefer third person. I like a wide scope but I also love getting inside a character’s head. Sometimes first person can be annoying to me and I find myself wishing for a bigger picture, even though it is clearly not meant to be. I get over it! It’s just what I like.
  • I like reading a bit of everything, but I think fantasy is the most fun for me to read. I get excited and actually have those “ah, this book is a blast!” moments. They aren’t the only books that make me feel that way and not all of my favorites are fantasy, but I just find fantasy a lot of fun.

Fantasy books

  • I love to talk about books I read. Out loud. Awfully. I will try to retell the story and I’ll forget major parts and have to go around in a circle to explain things. I try not to spoil things and get carried away. I am really bad at it, but I love talking about books. I tried to explain different parts of the Farseer trilogy and I meant to be quick and wow, no. I had one person that never minded me doing this because they never planned on reading the books I was talking about, but we don’t talk anymore and I miss it.


I wanted to do a post like this because I really like reading other bloggers’ posts with bookish facts and stuff. I like learning more about people and bookish habits/likes. I’m not sure if anyone cares about mine but I made the post anyway!

Do you have any bookish facts you’ve shared or would like to share?¬†(If you have please link me to it, I love reading them!)¬† Do you share any of mine? Is there a different genre of book you find to be the most fun for you? Let me know! And here’s an extra pic of post-its because pretty colors.

post-it note pads

Book gifts!

Please excuse the bad pictures!

Books Given:

book sets If You Hold a Seed

I have 3 amazing nieces at 7, 5, and 3. The oldest and youngest are really into books right now! The middle one is not that impressed. I got them all as for everyone books, because I thought the older two would both like the Clementine and Ivy & Bean sets and the youngest would like the pictures from them and being read to. The If You Hold a Seed was a last minute grab because The Day the Crayons Quit was out on Amazon. It’s really short and simple, but it’s so sweet and cute! And Fortunately the Milk is one that Neil Gaiman tweets and retweets about a lot, and I read some of it before giving it to them, and I hope they can enjoy it as a family!


3 books The Gunslinger

My sister got me Daughter of Smoke & Bone, The Blue Sword, and Scarlet from my Amazon wishlist! They are all books I have read and loved but didn’t have my own copies. I actually have The Hero and the Crown and not The Blue Sword, and I have been wanting to reread them both (though you can definitely read them alone) and I’m excited to have them both! I love DoBaS and definitely plan on rereading it sometime in the future! I reviewed Scarlet recently.

My brother bought me the first book, The Gunslinger, in The Dark Tower series. He only got me the first in case I don’t like it, but it is one of his favorite series, so he is hoping I will like it. I am pretty sure my sister has read this series and likes it, too. I have read King before, but mainly the big horror like Carrie and Tommyknockers, so I’m interested to see what this series has in store. I’ve heard that the first book isn’t that great and the second gets a lot better. It is also really short, so I might try to get through it tomorrow so I can tell him how I feel about it!

We also just had a nice discussion about books and TV/movies. We discussed ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, The Farseer Trilogy, The Hunger Games and movies, Neil Gaiman and a whole lot more! I’ve talked before about how bookish my family is and it is always fun to talk books with them! My brother likes fantasy video games and the GOT show, so I think he needs to try to read some fantasy! And I’m always trying to push books on my sister, she is a lot like me so I generally try to get her to read anything I like! I really want them both to read Vicious by V. E. Schwab, because I loved it and we all like powers-y type stuff.


two books photo 2 (1)

I also won a giveaway from the awesome Danielle at The Book Barn! I won Knit the Season and she threw in You Better Not Cry as an extra, along with a scarf (that’s under the other stuff in the pic on the right, and here’s a post about scarves/knitted items she makes!), a candy cane, hot chocolate mix, and paper flags! Aren’t those paper flags pretty? I love them! Such a fun giveaway! Thanks, Danielle!

How was your holiday? Did you get or give any great books? Do you like book talking with family? Have you read The Dark Tower series? Have any comments on the other books?

Feature and Follow Friday (3)

Feature & Follow Friday is hosted by both Alison Can Read & Parakunkee’s View. The point of Feature & Follow Friday is to gain blog followers for book bloggers.  You can find more info about this meme here.

Q: What do you do with your books after you are done reading them?

I usually keep them, but I’m hoping to cull some soon! I’m a pack rat and I’m trying to change my ways! I obviously want to keep books I love! I love rereading good stories, especially if I’m in a slump and need a pick me up. There isn’t enough space¬†for all the books, especially ones I do not feel attached to! Plus, it would be nice to sell some and get money for new books!

I have been trying to reread some to decide if they should stay or go, I started a feature-type-thing called To Keep or Not but I’ve gotten off track with books I haven’t read! My mom also just (this week) brought me a few crates full of books from my childhood that I need to go through, I plan on giving some to my nieces, donating some, and probably keeping a few I can’t bare to part with!

What do you do? Are you a hoarder or are you good at letting go? Link me your posts, readers!

You can follow me on Bloglovin, RSS, WordPress, or through email. Whichever you prefer is fine with me! If you’d like you can also add me on twitter or goodreads!

Armchair BEA 2013: Picture Books to Young Adult

armchair banner

Thanks to Nina for the graphic! Armchair BEA is an online conference for people that can’t attend BEA in NYC. Find more info at

Another late post but OKC has been insane the last few days! I’m pretty new to blogging so I don’t have much to say about keeping it real at this time.

Picture Books to Young Adult

I’ve always loved reading and when I was small, I consumed Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books. I liked all sorts of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.


I read Goosebumps, Sweet Valley Kids, Bruce Colville. I was obsessed with the Animorphs series.

Anne of Green Gables is still one of my favorite books and I love the whole series. I loved The Chronicles of Narnia. I read Harry Potter for the first time in 2012 and fell in love.

I read a lot of YA! It’s mainly what I blog about. I love Anna and the French Kiss, Divergent, If I Stay and Where She Went, The Raven Boys, Daughter of Smoke & Bone, and the list could go on and on. A lot of YA is about new experiences and life lessons, which makes it easy to relate to and enjoy.

If we follow each other and I’ve missed your BEA posts, I’m going to try to catch up! There isn’t supposed to be severe weather in OKC for a while, so hopefully I’ll be better at keeping up with everything!

Armchair BEA: Development and Genre Fiction

armchair banner

Thanks to Nina at for the graphic! You can find out more about the awesome online conference Armchair BEA at!

I always feel late with post that have link-ups because so many people have already done them! I meant to do this earlier, but I was having computer issues.


I’m a new blogger, so I have a lot of development and improvement to work on. I would definitely like to become a part of the community and work with other bloggers. So far I’ve done some memes and commented on other blogs. I would like to have a self-hosted blog at some point. I’m just going to take things as they come and try to be a better blogger!

Genre Fiction

I love genre fiction! I love any book with a good story and characters I can really care about. When I was younger, I really branched out and tried a lot of different genres. As a teenager, I read Robin McKinley,¬†Stephen King, Agatha Christie and Anne McCaffrey. When I got into college, I started trying out more romance. I love Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn! Regency Romance books are fun, even when they’re infuriating. I like contemporary romance and paranomal stories, too. I’m not sure I have ever met a genre I didn’t like.

My favorite genre lately is probably fantasy. I really love George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. He’s created a world with so many characters, and all of them are so important. They’re in a fantasy setting, but they deal with realistic problems and you can relate to their feelings. It’s also impressive how many characters I’ve changed my opinions about. There were some characters I absolutely hated in the beginning, and now they’ve become some of my favorite characters. When you start out hating a character but an author shows you what they are like and how they feel and you find yourself loving them, that is just good writing.

I have been a bit hooked on the fantasy genre lately. I’ve also been reading the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. I’m on the last book and I’m taking a break because I got a little too invested. I’m also taking a break from The Name of the Wind, which is the first book in The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. I read Sabriel by Garth Nix and need to finish the rest of the Abhorsen trilogy.

I read genre fiction because I love a variety of worlds and characters. I have never been particular about genres. If a story is engaging and enjoyable, I will read it. I read for enjoyment and an escape, and magic worlds with dragons, a futuristic story in space, and ballgowns and romance are all enjoyable to me.

¬† I’m not sure why genre fiction books don’t get as much respect. If people can connect to a story, I think that should be enough.

I feel like I probably rambled. Hopefully it makes enough sense! I’m excited to read other posts about development and genre fiction! Maybe I can pick up some recommendations!

The 5th Wave cover

Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave coverThe 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
Goodreads | Book Depository | Amazon
Release Date: May 7th 2013
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Series: The Fifth Wave #1
Rating: 4.5 star rating

Goodreads description:After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.

Now, it‚Äôs the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see. Who have scattered Earth‚Äôs last survivors. To stay alone is to stay alive, Cassie believes, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan Walker may be Cassie‚Äôs only hope for rescuing her brother‚ÄĒor even saving herself. But Cassie must choose: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death. To give up or to get up

Cassie is sixteen when the world changes. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, an alien ship shows up overhead. All attempts to communicate with the aliens are ignored. There’s an ominous waiting and then a sudden answer in the form of an EMP. This is the first wave. There are three more waves, diminishing the human population. Cassie feels like the only human alive.

Continue reading