Hello anyone who is still accidentally following this blog!

It kind of fell by the wayside because of life and school stress. I just graduated from college! I have a Bachelor’s degree. After all this time, I finally did that. My life has changed a lot, but in some ways things are pretty similar.

Anyway, I have a part-time job in my field (history/museum) which I’m really excited about. I also started an Etsy shop, because I have a lot of scrapbook paper and student loans. So if you’re interested in seeing what that’s about check out my shop. I have an instagram for it too!

I followed a lot of awesome blogs and met some really cool people through book blogging. I’m still active on the twitter I used while I blogged, but I renamed it to @contrariest. I’m also blogging about Etsy, books, and life (or at least I hope to start, I have some posts drafted and some plans!) here. There’s also my personal instagram. If you’re interested in reconnecting or just connecting, please reach out at any of these places! I am happy to chat and talk about whatever!

Right now shipping is just to North America, but if there’s anyone interested in International, I’ll look into intl shipping!



Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you take the time to look at my shop or contact me!


New Year Blues – an almost hiatus

I had this big plan for my blog in 2014. I had an end of 2013 post planned and a 2014 goals post planned (I might post a mini version of this anyway). I was really excited about my plans. But you know plans, you know life: they do not always go as expected.

A few days before the new year, I received some unexpected bad news. It was an emotional shock. I won’t go into details, but changes are coming my way. It’s extremely stressful. I am very thankful to have people that will help me through it.

However, this hugely affects my glorious plans for my blog. I am not going to abandon it, but I’m not sure how much time I will be able to devote to it. I hope I can still get reviews out and be quicker about writing them. I have a few posts scheduled and hope to schedule some more. I hope I can take time to comment and continue to be a part of the lovely community. I will try to be active and find a way to make this a blog worth visiting and reading. I wanted to update anyone that cares or is even vaguely interested. I’m so thankful for anyone that visits and reads my silly opinions. =)