April Recap

April was really crazy for me but I actually made a lot more time for reading than I expected I would!

and then there were 4 Iris Johansen books, 2 I read all of out of morbid curiosity and two I did not finish. She writes historical and likes writing about young girls and not a lot of consent which turns into love. Yikes.  I started two or three other romances and didn’t finish them but not because of major issues,  I just had other books to read and things to do!

Posts this month not counting the reviews linked to above:

And I’m still way way behind on commenting on blogs and replying to comments on my blog. I’m trying to work on that! But here are just a few more LGBT related posts I missed on my other post:


If I’ve missed a post of yours I should check out, let me know! How was your month? Did you read a lot?