Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Gifts in Books

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I wasn’t going to do TTT this week because I couldn’t think of a topic. But at the last moment, I came up with gifts. They’re not in order and I’m probably missing some huge gifts but this is what I put together.

Top Ten Gifts in Books

1. In Anna and the French Kiss, Etienne St. Clair gives Anna Neruda poetry, ooh la la!

2. In A Game of Thrones, Jon gives Arya a sword she names Needle, what more could a girl want?

3. In Where She Went, Mia gives Adam his own guitar back, and Mia’s family gives Adam back to Mia.

4. In The Hunger Games, Madge gives Katniss a mockingjay pin, which ends up being really important.

5. In Anne of Green Gables, Gilbert gives Anne a pink candy heart, and in Anne of the Island a pink enamel heart necklace. (and oh so many other things)

6. In The Treasure Map of Boys, Ruby gives Noel Band-Aids that look like bacon strips.

7. In The 5th Wave, Sammy gives Cassie his teddy bear.

8. In Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Karou gives Zuzana a ballet costume worn by Anna Pavlova.

9. In Divergent, Dauntless gives Tris the gift of cake.

10. There is some serious gift giving in the Harry Potter series: chocolate, Christmas sweaters, a map, a new broom, a time turner, the gifts Dumbledore leaves the trio. I could probably have made this the top ten gifts given in the HP series.

Okay, there is my fast Top Ten, it probably isn’t that great but at least I tried! Are there any great gifts in books that you can think of? If you’d like to comment and link to your TTT, I’d love to see what your freebie list is!

What I’ve Been Pushing Lately

I think most readers love pushing books on others. If you like something, you want to share it and talk about it. You want someone to love the characters you love and sneer at characters you didn’t love.

Anna and the French Kiss cover The Raven Boys cover

My sister has been super busy with school and hasn’t had a chance to read. HOWEVER, the semester just ended which means she is free to read again! I took her my copy of Anna and the French Kiss (I’ve been meaning to make her read it for a while and kept forgetting) by Stephanie Perkins and The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (my review). She’s also planning on finishing ASOIAF this summer.

I also got my mom started on the ASOIAF series! She has seen all of the series and got really interested, especially because I would make comments on what was better in the books and changes I like.

I plan on pushing The 5th Wave (my review) by Rick Yancey on anyone that will listen to me!

What have you been pushing/recommending lately?